2014 Local Results

2014 Brookgreen Gardens 5k

2014 Little River May 5k

2014 Humane Society of NMB "Run for the Shelter"5k

2014 Derrick Law Firm "Run for the Children" 5k

2014 Tilted Kilt 5k

2014 BFF Pink Ribbon Run 5k & 10k
Results 5k
Results 10k

2014 Hulk Trail Challenge 10k

2014 North Myrtle Beach Winter run 5k/15k


2013 Results

2013 New Year's Day Prediction Run 5k

2013 Race into the New Year 5k

2013 Misty Category 5-K

2013 RiverTown Reindeer Race 5k


2013 Florence Turkey Trot 5k/10k

2013 Race to Save Hearts 5k
2013 Run 'til the Cow's Come Home 5k

2013 Running Dead 5k


2013 Pawleys Island Turtle Strut 5k/10k

2013 Beach Sweep 5k

2013 Battle at the Border

2013 Thompson Farm Mud Run

2013 Brookgreen Gardens 5k & 1 Mile
Brookgreen 5k & 1mile Results

2013 Veterans Appreciation Day 5K
Myrtle Beach Veterans Appreciation 5K Results

2013 Little River May 5k
Little River May 5k Results

2013 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta 5k
Cinco de Mayo Fiesta 5k Results

2013 Diva's 1/2 Marathon and 5K

2013 Earth DAy 5K
Earth Day 5K results

Building Futures for Autism 5K Run
Autism 5K Results & Age Groups Awards

S.E.A.S. Beach & Boardwalk 5K
SEA'S 5K Results & Age Group Awards

2013 Cooper River Bridge 10K Run
Cooper River Bridge Run Results

2013 Run the Inlet 5K & 8K Run
5K & 8K Results & Awards

2013 Minds on the Run 5K
Minds on the run 5K Results

2013 2nd Annual Tilted Kilt 5K

5K Results & Age groups Awards

2013 Lucky Leprechan 5K
5K Results & Age Groups Awards


5K Results and 10 Results w Awards Age Group

2013 Hulk Challange 10K Trail Run
Results and Age Groups

2013 Myrtle Beach Marathon
Results & Awards

2013 North Myrtly Beach Winter Run  5K & 15K
Results & Awards

2013 Derrick Law Firm 5K

Results and Awards

2013 Prediction Run

Race Results by Prediction - Awards  - Overall finish by time

     2012 Local Results-----------

2012 Race Into the New Year
Results & awards

2012 Rivertown Reindeer Run & Walk
Results & Awards

2012 Myrtle Beach Grand Strand Turkey Trot
Results & Awards

2012 Surfside Beach Turkey Trot
Results & Awards

2012 Brookgreen Gardens 5K Turkey Trot
Results & Awards

2012 Race to Save Hearts 5K
Results & Awards

2012 Georgetown Pentecostal Church 5K
Results & Awards

2012 CCU Presidents Homecoming 5K
Results 5K w/ Agegroups

2012 21st Annual Turtle Strut
Results 5k 10k and Agegroups

2012 Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon Results

HS Region Cross Country
Girls Results
Boys Results

2012 Beach Sweep 5K
Results and Age Group Awards

2012 Dirty Myrtle Mud Run Rall Event

2012 Independence Day 8K and Freedom 5K

2012 Military Appreciation 5K
5K Results & Awards

2012 Dirty Myrtle Mud Run II
Results - Ind. and Team

2012 Divas - North Myrtle Beach
Half Results
5K Results

2012 St. Christophers Children 5K
5K Results & Awards

2012 7th Annual Blue Crab Festival 5K
5K Results and Awards

2012 2nd Annual Earth Day 5K
5K Results and Age Group awards

2012 Building Futures Clinic - Autism 5K Run / Walk Results
5K Results and awards

2012 Murrells Inlet 5K & 8K 2020 Results
Results for 5K  & 8K

2012 Surfside Rotary 5K & 10K Results
Results 5K & 10K

2012 ESPN / Kilted Kilt 5K  (short by about 2/10 ths)
Results of 5K (Short)

  13th Annual  HealthPoint 4 Miler 

Results of 4 Mile Run Walk

2012 Myrtle Beach Marathon - Full - Half - 5K Results
5K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon Results

29th Annual Winter Run
15K and 5K results and age Groups

2012 5K Prediction Run
5K Prediction Run Results and Awards

2011 Race into the New Year
Race into the New Year Results and Awards

Rivertown Reindeer Run Results & Awards

2011 5th Annual Grand Strand Turkey Trot 5k/8K (Myrtle Beach SC)
Grand Strand Turkey Trot Results & Awards

2011 Surfside  Beach Turkey Trot 5k & 10K (Surfside Beach)
Surfside Beach Turkey Trot Results & Awards

2011 Brookgreen Gardens 5k Turkey Trot presentd by HealthPoint
Brookgreen Turkey Trot 5K Results & Awards

2011 Race to Save Hearts 5K
Race To Save Hearts 5K Results & Awards

2011 Run 'til The Cows Come Home 5K Run and Walk
Run 'til the Cows Come Home Results

2011 CareTeam 4.25K (2.61Mile) Run
CareTeam 4.25K  ( 2.61 Miles) Results

2011 Myrtle Beach Mini Maratnon
Mini Marathon Results

2011 20th Annual Turtle Strut 5K & 10K
Corrected Race Results

2011 CCU President's Homecoming 5K
CCU 5K Results

2011 Bridge 2 Bridge 1/2 Marathon  and 5K
Bridge2Bridge Results

2011 Sunset at Sunset 5K on the Beach
Sunset at Sunset 5K

2011 Beach Sweep 5k - North Myrtle Beach
2011 Beach Sweep 5K

2011 Stephen Siller Tunnel To Towers 5K & 1 Mile Walk
2011 Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers 5K & 1 Mile Walk

2011 2nd Annual Independence Day 5 & 8 K Results
2011 Annual Independence Day 5 and 8 K Results


2011Dirty Myrtle Mun Results

2011 Murrells Inlet - 2020 Run the Inlet 5K
2011 2020 Run the Inlet Results

2011 Myrtle Beach Mud Run (Run-A-Muck)
Myrtle Beach Run-a-Muck Mud Run Results

2011 Blue Crab Festival 5K - Litter River
2011 Blue Crab 5K Results & Awards

2011 St. Christophers Children 5K

2011 3rd Annual St Christopher's Children 5k Results & Awards

2011 Tanger Style Fitness For Families 5K Run & Walk
2011 Tanger 5K Results

2011 Inaugrual Krispy Kreme Doughhtnut Run at WaterBridge
2011 Krispy Kreme Doughtnut Run Results

2011 Earth Day 5K Run / Walk / Kids 5K
2011 Earth Day Results & Awards

2011 Fun Sun Run 5k & 10 K at Huntington Beach State Park

2011 FunSunRun 5 10 Results & Awards

2011 Building Futures  Autism 5k Run Walk
2011 Autism 5K Results & Awards

2011 HealthPoint St. Patrick's 4 Miler (Results & Agers)
2011 St Pats 4Mile Overall & Age Group Results

2011 Myrtle Beach Marathon (Results)
2011 Myrtle Marathon Results

8th Annual Surfside Rotary 5 & 10 K Results
   2011 5K Overall Results link
2011 5K Awards link

   2011 10K Overall Results link

   2011 10K Awards link

28th Annual Winter Run - North Myrtle Beach
 2011 Winter Run Results 5K & 15K

4th Annual Grand Strand Running Club / Coastal Timing 5k Prediction Run
2011 Prediction Run Results

2010 Local Results ----------

12/4/10 Conway Rivertown Reindeer Race 5K Run/ Walk
2010 Reindeer Race 5K Results

11/25/10 Myrtle Beach  5K & 8K Turkey Trots
All Results and AgeGroups

11/25/10 Surfside Beach 5 & 10 K Turkey Trots
5K Results overall
5k Age Groups

10 K Results overall
10k Age Groups

11/20/10 Race to Save Hearts 5K
2010 Race to Save Hearts

11/20/10 5th Annual HealthPoint Turkey Trot to benifit Brookgreen Gardens

11/13/10 6th Annual Run 'til The Cows Come Home 5K Run & Walk
2010 Run 'til The Cows Come Home 5K

10/30/10 2nd Annual Care Team 5k Run and Aids Walk
2010 CareTeam Results

10/23/10 - 19th Annual Turtle Strut 5K
 2010 Turtle Strut 5K Results
2010 Turtle Strut 10 K Results

10/23/10 CCU Presidents Homecoming 5K
2010 CCU Presidents 5K Results

10/21/10 Region 8 3A Cross Country Champs - Myrtle Beach
2010 Boys Results

2010 Girls Results

9/25/10 Biggest Losser 5K & 1 Mile
2010 Biggest Loser Results

9/18/10 North Myrtle Beach "Beach Sweep" Results w/ Agegroups
2010 Beach Sweep Results

9/11/10 Tanger Fitness for Family 5K. Results and AgeGroups
2010 Tanger 17 5K 

2010 Shark Invitational HS Cross Country Run
Boys Results

Girls Results

8/28/10 Tanger 501 Fitness 5k   (Course was approxamately .3 short)
2010 Tanger 501 5K

8/28/10 Cookie Cup 5K Obstacle Trail Run
2010 Cookie Cup 5K

7/3/10   Independence Day 8K and Freedom 5K Results:  Sorry they are late.
Independence Day 8K & Freedom 5K Results

5/29/10 Military Appreciation 5K Results
2010 Military Appreciation 5K Results

5/8/10 Blue Crab Festival 5K Results & Awards
2010 Blue Crab Results

5/1/10 St. Christopher's Children 5K Run & Walk
2010 St. Christoipher's Children Results

4/10/10 SOS Futures Autism Clinic 5K Run & Walk
2010 Futures Clinic Autism 5K

4/10/10 Fun Sun Run 5 & 10 K races
2010 Fun Sun 5 & 10 K Results

3/20/10 Conquering Cancer 5K Run and walk
2010 Conquering Cancer Results

3/20/10 Run The Inlet 5K
2010 Run The Inlet 5k Results

3/13/10 11th Annual Health Point St. Patrick's 5K Run & Walk
2010 St. Patrick's 5K Run & Walk

1/20/10 7th Annual Surfside Beach 5k & 10k  Run / Walk.
2010 Surfside Beach 5 & 10 results

1/23/10 - 27th Annual NMB Winter Run  5K & 15K
2010 Winter Run results

1/1/10   3rd Annual Prediction 5K Run & Walk
Prediction Run Results 

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